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Overheating Engine Alarm

Engine Alarm

Suits: cars, trucks, boats, motorbikes, heavy equipment, generators

Suits: cars, trucks, boats, motorbikes,
heavy equipment, generators

Freecall: 1800 720 018

This might sound like the commercials, in all honesty, this post is absolute truth.
After an overheat and limp mode etc after pressure from a crack in the head was over pressuring my cooling system and popped the plastic top off the radiator as well as constantly spitting out fluid, I took my 4WD to my mechanic to actually find that crack in the head. Whilst the head was off the block my mechanic noticed excessive bore wear in piston 1 and 4. Usually from towing caravans. So we proceeded with full engine rebuild.
After I got the vehicle back I immediately installed an Engine Guard to give me that sense of security rather than relying on the stock dash gauge.
So, after 4 years and only around 40K Klms, I started to notice my 4WD running slightly hotter than it had previously. Not much of a change, maybe 4 to7 degrees Celsius. The dash gauge remained at normal operating temperature mark. Towing my trailer resulted in a 10 degrees Celsius difference. The digital display works wicked in noticing slight changes. So, back to mechanic.
We found that the clutch on the engine fan had failed, unfortunately (then again maybe a bonus) my vehicles fan and water pump are one unit.
Without Engine Guard I would not have noticed those slight elevations in temperature and possibly ended up with a bigger mechanic bill than what I had.