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Overheating Engine Alarm

Engine Alarm

Suits: cars, trucks, boats, motorbikes, heavy equipment, generators

Suits: cars, trucks, boats, motorbikes,
heavy equipment, generators

Freecall: 1800 720 018

When I read the website blurb that factory gauges generally have 3 readings “cold-ok-overheating” I was circumspect. “Surely they are more accurate than that” I thought. I put the first Engine Guard unit I purchased on my ’08 Mazda BT50 ute, which can get a bit warm when towing. The interesting thing I found is that my temp gauge gets to normal operating position at about 47 degrees (confirmed with a laser temp gun on head & thermostat housing) The temp gauge then stays in that position right through to the hottest I’ve seen since install, 101 degrees. (I do not know what temp it starts ‘flying up’ to the red). The factory gauge is clearly next to useless for understanding what may actually be going on when say towing uphill.

I have since installed two more EG’s on my vehicles, with more to go on the kids cars, plus a mate who is now getting on the EG bandwagon.These are very valuable insurance, and not expensive. They are simple to install (the harder part is navigating the layers of plastic and sound insulation on more modern cars to get the cabling/tubing along the engine and through the firewall, patience required)

Finally, the service and communication from the people who make and sell these is excellent. I know if I had any issues we’d be able to sort out any problem easily. Highly recommend on all levels.