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Overheating Engine Alarm

Engine Alarm

Suits: cars, trucks, boats, motorbikes, heavy equipment, generators

Suits: cars, trucks, boats, motorbikes,
heavy equipment, generators

Freecall: 1800 720 018

G’day Phil, Happy to report that the two EG01’s I installed onboard Mystic have really given us peace of mind. Having done a few trips up & down the East Coast, I am not constantly looking over the stern to see if water is coming out of the exhaust or leaving the rear cockpit to go into the saloon to monitor engine gauges. This means I can interact with the Veterans we take to sea, many of them with PTSD. They don’t need to be put in a position where we are waiting on a rescue boat because we are becalmed and have a blown engine. Our Engine Guards monitor our Perkins 4-248 Cyl’ head temp, Wet exhaust temp’ at the raw water inlet side of the elbow and transmission temp'(BW Velvet Drive).

I also fitted an EG01 to my Toyota 2.8 Commuter, unfortunately I fitted it after I had been stranded on the side of the road with a blown cyl’ head and had carried out repair & fitted a new cyl’ head, not a cheap exercise. I recently sold my van & now have a 2004 Ford Courier 4wd ute, hence ordering another EG01 to fit up to it. Having owned an Automotive repair business and carried out many Marine mechanical repairs over the years, fitting an Engine Guard is a no brainer.

Thanks Phil for an exceptional, “must have” product!

Many Thanks,

Tex O’Grady
SV Mystic