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Engine Guard

I recently purchased one of your Engine Guard devices and thought I should report on my thoughts re the product.

I have a 2010 Hyundai IX35 diesel and tow an Avan Aliner. After installation I travelled from Far North Queensland back to my home in South Australia.

Naturally I was interested in the performance of the unit and I am pleased to say it met all my expectations. It was interesting to observe the quick response to changing engine temperatures. In particular  the variations (from 53 degrees to 72) dependant on the ambient temperature, air-con use and terrain. There was no indication of this variation on the vehicles temperature warning light system.

Comforting to know that an audible alarm would let me know quickly if there was a major cooling problem. Unfortunately I would most likely miss the warning light in the instrument panel!

Thanks again for a really good product (Australian made too).

Trevor Potter



I just wanted to tell how good the engine guard is, I know you hear it frequently, But I am going to get more for my machines & I convinced my son’s to do the same. Thanks for producing an Australian designed and made product, it is a breath of fresh air to able to purchase our own Australian product.



Just want to say how pleased I am with the unit. I am driving at present pulling a 3 tonne van with a 2001 3 litre Turbo diesel Patrol. From the unit I have learned the impact of using overdrive even on flat roads. At say 95 kph the transmission sensor gains 1 degree in 5 seconds if I engage o/drive. In 30 sec’s it’s 96 degrees. I now only use o/drive with a tail wind or on slight down slope. Engine rev’s are higher of course if I don’t engage o/drive but engine and trans stay below 90 degrees.


Wauchope, NSW

Installed a dual sensor unit on my yacht in June 2018. One sensor on the engine block the other on the exhaust. The temperature changes are immediate and easily monitored to indicate any sudden change after running temperatures are reached. The alarms are set 5 degrees above maximum temps reached over time. This device takes the guess work out of critical engine temps resulting in less anxiety while motoring. I would recommend that every sailing vessel and motor launch should have one of these devices for peace of mind and trouble free motoring.



I just wanted to say thank you for your engine guard product.

I just got back to Darwin from Cape York covering 9,000kms with the Engine Guard doing its job of monitoring my engine temp accurately. On the Frenchman track my Pajero got stuck and wet ignition system going through the Pascoe river crossing which drowned the old Paj. After some minor recovery work and some inox the old girl got going and never let me down. The drowning killed the stereo system but the Engine Guard kept working! the interior had water flowing in it – high enough to flow around the knees, however the Engine Guard kept working!


Troy D

Recently I completed the installation of a GM Corvette LS3/480 HP V8 in my 2003 996 Porsche. Getting all the electrical to work has been my greatest challenge. One of those issues has been my water temperature gauge. It will work for 30 minutes, then it faults. No one seems to know why this happens… So I had to have a backup for my upcoming 4,000 mile car trip. I had the good fortune to find the “Engine Guard” digital temperature gauge while I was searching the internet. I purchased the two-sensor unit, one for water and the other for oil temp. Both sensors mounted easily with a hose clamp. What a small and mighty unit! I hid the head unit in my ashtray. It’s easy to read, has big numbers, and the alarm works as advertised. By monitoring the oil temp, I found that I had high oil temps in 90-degree (32degC) plus ambient. If I had not been monitoring the oil temp with the “Engine Guard” gauge, I could have gotten into some serious trouble and expensive repairs. Now I’ll add an oil cooler to hopefully remedy that problem during hard driving or high outside temperatures. Engine Guard is inexpensive, easy to install, and a precision instrument. I’m sure there are many other uses for this fine instrument.

M.L - Texas

After receiving the Engine Guard I said I would let you know how it performed during our annual three month trip to Central Aus. This year we planned to cross the Simpson Desert from west to east.

We approached the kick-off point at Mt Dare by passing through the Murray Sunset National Park in N.W. Victoria. There is some fairly hard going through the park including some sand which would be a good try-out. From Mt Dare we went to Dalhousie Springs where the desert proper begins.

There are some 1100 sand dunes across to Birdsville. They vary in height and degree of difficulty. They are all a test for the vehicle. Our vehicle is a Mitsubishi Triton with an Explorer Motorhome back. This is a full-fledged motorhome, toilet, shower, fridge, stove, dining table etc. All up the vehicle weights 3.4 tonne, a big load for a 2.5 litre diesel to drag over the dunes.

We found the Engine Guard to be surprisingly responsive, temp changes registered quickly. As soon as the load came on temp started up but dropped equally quickly when load came off. The standard temp gauge remained steady throughout a 20-25 degree range so it was the Engine Guard that did the work.

Two irrefutable conclusions:

  1. Standard gauge is rubbish, it’s only a feel good dial of no practical worth.
  2. Engine Guard worked well and gave us the info we needed, almost instantly, every vehicle should have one.

Just to try it out further we returned south via the Snowy Mountains. We crossed over at Hotham and a few days later recrossed at Thredbo. Both crossings were in heavy snow when chains were a requirement even for 4x4s. Over Thredbo only 4×4 permitted on road and only with chains. A party of three 4x4s denied entry because one vehicle did not have chains.

The Engine Guard worked just as well in the sub-zero conditions.

The only thing I would do different is to get a duel sensor model and monitor the auto trans temp.

Hope that’s not too much detail for you.



M.S - Tasmania

Had a problem with fitting ,completely my fault.  Phill was great giving me steps to fix the problem ,now works greatest item i have put on for my BT50 for the Endeavour Rally
Thanks Garry


Hi Phil

Just some feedback for you mate you guys have an awesome product with awesome after sales service could not be happier thanks for everything may your business prosper you deserve good fortune thanks again



Very good quality. A must have for every vehicle. Can’t beat price.

Such a great device,I can now see exactly what temps my engine gets to,love it!!

A fantastic safety device. Easy to fit. Every vehicle should have one from new.

Works great, arrived quickly, easy instructions! Thanks!

Very good product, Aussie made and Australian Instructions, thanks.

Nice compact little unit and sent really quickly.

Excellent service. Thank you. Second unit I have purchased. Highly recommended.

These are great! 3rd one I have got.