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I just wanted to tell how good the engine guard is, I know you hear it frequently, But I am going to get more for my machines & I convinced my son’s to do the same. Thanks for producing an Australian designed and made product, it is a breath of fresh air to able to purchase our own Australian product.



Just want to say how pleased I am with the unit. I am driving at present pulling a 3 tonne van with a 2001 3 litre Turbo diesel Patrol. From the unit I have learned the impact of using overdrive even on flat roads. At say 95 kph the transmission sensor gains 1 degree in 5 seconds if I engage o/drive. In 30 sec’s it’s 96 degrees. I now only use o/drive with a tail wind or on slight down slope. Engine rev’s are higher of course if I don’t engage o/drive but engine and trans stay below 90 degrees.

Do you have data that suggests a “normal” temp for the Patrol with this load? I have set alarm at 100 degrees for trans and engine and wonder if its too high.


Wauchope, NSW

Installed a dual sensor unit on my yacht in June 2018. One sensor on the engine block the other on the exhaust. The temperature changes are immediate and easily monitored to indicate any sudden change after running temperatures are reached. The alarms are set 5 degrees above maximum temps reached over time. This device takes the guess work out of critical engine temps resulting in less anxiety while motoring. I would recommend that every sailing vessel and motor launch should have one of these devices for peace of mind and trouble free motoring.



Very good quality. A must have for every vehicle. Can’t beat price.

Such a great device,I can now see exactly what temps my engine gets to,love it!!

A fantastic safety device. Easy to fit. Every vehicle should have one from new.

Works great, arrived quickly, easy instructions! Thanks!

Very good product, Aussie made and Australian Instructions, thanks.

Nice compact little unit and sent really quickly.

Excellent service. Thank you. Second unit I have purchased. Highly recommended.

These are great! 3rd one I have got.


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