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ENGINE GUARD Overheating alarms – get warned BEFORE damage occurs

Engines overheat and fixing the damage can cost serious money.  In most cases no warranty or insurance applies.  You pay the repair bill & do without your car until it’s fixed.

That’s why you need an ENGINE GUARD.

  • LOUD audible warning – keep your eyes on the road & drive more safely.
  • Get warned BEFORE damage occurs- super fast response compared to factory gauges.
  • Works if you’ve LOST coolant- shows cylinder head temp. Most factory gauges don’t work without coolant.
  • Digital display in degrees- provides feedback to MANAGE engine temperature.





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cruiser engine with sensor
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Simple Bolt on Sensor
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About Engine Guard

The Engine Guard uses a completely separate sensor and an accurate digital display- totally independent of the factory temperature gauge.  This will enable you to see changes in real time- quickly and accurately and avoid engine overheating.  YOU set the audible alarm to warn you if the temperature is higher than normal.

Other models: the ENGINE GUARD can do more.  It can also monitor the temperature of your transmission at the same time- great to know if you’re towing a caravan.  Transmissions have dramatically shortened lifespan if overheated and can also go into ‘limp home’ mode without any warning- guaranteed to ruin your travels! ENGINE GUARD can also be used to monitor engine oil temperature- a great feature on turbo diesel engines.

It can also be used as an AUDIBLE low oil pressure warning, or to monitor voltage with an alarm to warn of low or high voltage.  This is ideal for vehicles with dual battery set-ups.

Order 2 or more units, we’ll ship it FREE!

The Engine Guard Product Range

  • Contents of Engine Guard EGO1-1 Single Temperature Sensor Kit

    Single Temperature Sensor Kit

    $119.00 inc. GST
    Buy It Now
  • Contents of Engine Guard EGO1-2 Dual Temperature Sensor Kit

    Dual Temperature Sensor Kit

    $139.00 inc. GST
    Buy It Now
  • Contents of Engine Guard EGO1-3 Single Temperature Sensor and Voltage meter or Low oil pressure alarm Kit

    Single Temperature Sensor (input 1) and Voltage Meter or Low Oil Pressure Alarm (input 2)

    $129.00 inc. GST
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Customer Testimonials

Mini Cooper S engine saved

I recently purchased Engine Guard unit for 2 vehicles. First install was to my 2008 Mini Cooper S. They have aluminium block as well as aluminium head, and are designed to run hot.
I also fitted new silicon coolant hoses. I used 2 sensors, one fitted to the head/inlet manifold at the water pump end. The other was attached to the opposite end of the head at the thermostat housing and radiator hose end.
I drove the car intentionally hard to force maximum temperature. Just as I was changing down gears for my driveway, the Engine Guard alarm went off showing a warning for both sensors. Luckily I was 50 metres from my driveway.

One off the new stainless hose clamps had failed and the lower radiator hose had blown off.

I was extremely impressed with the warning and on checking under the bonnet noted the alarm was so quick to alert me that the radiator hadn’t even had a chance to empty fully. I had set the alarms at 5 degrees above max running temp.  Also worth noting the head temp varies up to 12 degrees at each end. Worth fitting dual sensors in my view.
I am a mechanic with nearly 50 years experience. I’m very impressed

Greg Walker

Great product

Ordered 2 units, one for the tractor and one on the truck, such a relief not to have to worry about overheating engine damage.
Easy installation and setup and fast delivery, couldn’t be happier.

Shane mudge

Saved us needing a new engine!

I installed the Engine Guard 15 months ago and it kicked in today letting us know the engine was overheating saving us the expenses of a new motor in our bt50!
Just want to thank you for this great product ?

Robert Burrows

Great Product!

Hey guys! Just wanted to say thank you for creating such a great product. On Tuesday your engine guard saved my engine when I lost all my coolant. Absolute top product and I won’t have another car without one!!

After Sales Service

I have had Engine guard on my 2009 Colorado for a few weeks and very happy with it and it does what it says it does. I had two queries and within minutes of sending an email I got a call from Phil who was patient and explained how to fix it in simple black and white English. No technical BS. Thanks Phil and a good Aussie product with Engine Guard.

Randy La'Brooy

Life Saver

With the recent loss of water thru a old heater hose I was starting to get worried that I would cook my motor. I now have peace of mind knowing that ENGINE GUARD is going to alert me when the motor gets hot. Easy to install. Thanks to the team at Engine Guard.

Stuies Adventures 4x4

I drive a 25 year

I drive a 25 year old Rodeo Ute. A couple of years ago it had some overheating issues ….. old radiator chocking up with crap ….. bla, bla, bla. Thankfully I was watching the temperature gauge, the day it happened, and avoided a disaster, and we fixed the problem. 2 ish years down the track I installed an Engine Guard, because I was travelling from Innisfail to Brisbane …. 1600 ish kms away, and I didn’t want to be continually checking the temperature gauge on the way. Peace of mind was bloody awesome.
Best bit of after market money I have ever spent on the car.

Carolyn Crocker


The Best after sales service I have experienced in memory (I am Old) would recommend the product and supplier five stars.

Steven Pitt
Melia Pty Ltd

Piece of mind

I have a 2004 Prado and we are towing a camper trailer everywhere I like to think I watch my gauges but this is a fool proof must when I’m to busy with the road and Roo watching I know this is watching my motor so that’s one less I need to worry about, and installing was really easy I’ll look forward to more travelling knowing I have a backup monitoring system in place.

Cheers and thanx for your invention. 🙂

Danny Graham

Peace of mind for an older vehicle

I have a 1987 Porsche 928, I just spent big bucks on a transmission rebuild after it filled with radiator water from a ruptured oil cooler in the radiator. To prevent this disaster from happening again I bypassed the radiator and installed an external transmission oil cooler, for added peace of mind I bought the 2 channel Engine Guard, the head unit fits in place of the dashboard ash tray and I now monitor the transmission and engine temperature. What’s also great is that the Engine Guard remembers the settings even with the battery disconnected which I have had to do while undertaking other maintenance work on the car.

Peter Schmidt

Already paid for itself

This might sound like the commercials, in all honesty, this post is absolute truth.
After an overheat and limp mode etc after pressure from a crack in the head was over pressuring my cooling system and popped the plastic top off the radiator as well as constantly spitting out fluid, I took my 4WD to my mechanic to actually find that crack in the head. Whilst the head was off the block my mechanic noticed excessive bore wear in piston 1 and 4. Usually from towing caravans. So we proceeded with full engine rebuild.
After I got the vehicle back I immediately installed an Engine Guard to give me that sense of security rather than relying on the stock dash gauge.
So, after 4 years and only around 40K Klms, I started to notice my 4WD running slightly hotter than it had previously. Not much of a change, maybe 4 to7 degrees Celsius. The dash gauge remained at normal operating temperature mark. Towing my trailer resulted in a 10 degrees Celsius difference. The digital display works wicked in noticing slight changes. So, back to mechanic.
We found that the clutch on the engine fan had failed, unfortunately (then again maybe a bonus) my vehicles fan and water pump are one unit.
Without Engine Guard I would not have noticed those slight elevations in temperature and possibly ended up with a bigger mechanic bill than what I had.
Gertenaar Aust

Terrific product.

On long trips I often found myself unaware of just how hot my engine was getting. I was too busy watching the road.
Since getting EngineGuard I now know the exact temperature she’s running at, for about a hundred, bargain.
You’re mad to travel without one.
John W. Eastoe

Brilliant piece of protection!

I just installed Engine Guard to my 38foot Baycruiser on a 120hp Fiat diesel. Have to say it’s a remarkable unit. It took less than an hour all up from start to commissioning.

John Muntz

Came super quick and look quality built

Had a question before installing so gave them a call and with in 2 minutes he explained everything in a way i (minimal electrical knowledge) could understand 110 percent would be buying again for all my cars

Joseph ferraro

Better safe than sorry

We’ve been using these in all our classic cars we buy. They’re a great safe guard and heaps easy to install I have no trouble with installation.

Rose Holmes

I can’t recommend this product enough!

Aussie made and unbelievable value for money. When you have any questions, you can jump on the phone and speak with Phil himself.
I got the dual-sensor for engine and transmission… great peace of mind when towing our van or when 4WDing, especially on a 40 degree day ploughing through soft sand.
I’m telling all my mates about your Aussie product and Aussie service. Thanks mate.
Ash Petersen

Top stuff

Had a problem ( now solved) of our Genset loosing raw water to the rubber exhaust and cooking it, twice. Now I’ve installed a duel sensor for head temp and nest temp so we can get an early warning of flow issues. Also now have one monitoring the mains exhaust temps to protect their rubber hoses too.

Temp in the photo is 36 degrees as I had only just welded the nut to the stainless exhaust section to secure the sensor.

Having worked on a tourist boat that had the fiberglass exhaust catch fire ( total loss of vessel) it’s not an experience I want to repeat!

Cheers ?

Bruce MacLennan
Brisvegas cruises

Great piece of kit

just installed the 2 sensor model on my 1980 john deere 2140 tractor and I absolutely love it , the oem temperature gauge is all over the place showing hot when it’s only at 65deg , installed 1 sensor on the lower thermostat housing and the other on the engine oil filter and I now know exactly what the machine is doing , no more stress and guesswork during those long hot summer slashing days, top quality product, simple as hell to install and the best bit …. AUSTRALIAN MADE PRODUCT, I will be ordering one for my 60 series Landcruiser and one for my second tractor in the new year ? Thanks guys

Amos Morris

Engine guard duel Sensor

Have bought 3 of these now and can not praise them enough
It has saved my v8 speed boat twice now
One time when it sucked up seaweed and stopped water flowing around the engine it sounded and alerted me to an issue.
The second time In the same v8 boat the impeller failed stopping all water flow and the alarm sounded again saving my v8 for second time
So all in all the the small out lay has saved me $10,000 plus in engine rebuilds
If you’re thinking about getting one stop thinking and do yourself a favour and just buy it before you wish you had

You could be called CRAZY towing out bush in Far North Queensland without Engine Guard

I bought my Engine Gaurd (G01-2 DUAL BOLT-ON TEMP) as im constantly on the road and in the bush towing my camper in Far North Queensland where it’s bloody hot, dusty and can be humid as hell.

On a 30°/38° day my old TD42 GU Patrol in second gear 2500rpm towing my MDC Forbes12+ gets a little warm going up Desailly Range (Bob’s Lookout) on the Mulligan Highway FNQ.

Beep Beep Beep starts im definitely awake LOL… Go back a gear, Get your foot off the gas, windows Down and turn the heater on full noise in the old Patrol.

The standard Nissan Patrol GU gauge hardly moves but the duel temperature Engine Gaurd sensors, one on the thermostat housing, one on the oil filter housing (pictures below) surprised me with the difference in Temperatures when driving, I set both Alarms on 95° and my normal running Temperatures are 72° to 83° depending on the day and roads / tracks im driving on.

I have a PWR radiator and always use top quality hoses and genuine nissan engine parts but my biggest fear out bush is a blown hose or a blown Engine.

I carry Spare hoses, water and loads of parts to get myself going again but if I blow my engine im stuffed and where I go there is definitely no roadside assist.

The duel Engine Gaurd is about $150 and you would be CRAZY to not fit one as it’s easy and could save you megabucks.

BONUS it’s Aussie made in Bingel Bay Queensland Australia.

Excellent product and even better back up service.

Matt Lavis

Believe the blurb

When I read the website blurb that factory gauges generally have 3 readings “cold-ok-overheating” I was circumspect. “Surely they are more accurate than that” I thought. I put the first Engine Guard unit I purchased on my ’08 Mazda BT50 ute, which can get a bit warm when towing. The interesting thing I found is that my temp gauge gets to normal operating position at about 47 degrees (confirmed with a laser temp gun on head & thermostat housing) The temp gauge then stays in that position right through to the hottest I’ve seen since install, 101 degrees. (I do not know what temp it starts ‘flying up’ to the red). The factory gauge is clearly next to useless for understanding what may actually be going on when say towing uphill.

I have since installed two more EG’s on my vehicles, with more to go on the kids cars, plus a mate who is now getting on the EG bandwagon.These are very valuable insurance, and not expensive. They are simple to install (the harder part is navigating the layers of plastic and sound insulation on more modern cars to get the cabling/tubing along the engine and through the firewall, patience required)

Finally, the service and communication from the people who make and sell these is excellent. I know if I had any issues we’d be able to sort out any problem easily. Highly recommend on all levels.

Michael Kemp
Kemp Mechanical Engineering

Installed it…Absloutely fantastic..peace of mind

Installed it on my 65 mustang. Attached to both cylinder heads, could not believe how relieved I feel knowing I am getting an up to date temp reading on the engine in real time. Would recommend to anyone wishing to monitor engine temp.

Fantastic item.


Barry Skinner


Just fitted an engine guard to my XY fairmont. I was always worried that the original gauge was not accurate.
It’s so simple to fit, especially on an older vehicle that has plenty of room around the engine bay.
My engine is a 250 2V that’s been worked quite a bit. The front right head bolt is tapped for the earth strap, I just put the sensor under the earth.
Went for a blast and it’s a sensation straight out of the box.
Tip, don’t use a scotch lock on the +ve connection. No power to the unit on start up. Ended up soldering the connection properly.

No need to keep watch on the temp gauge anymore. The digital readout is so much easier to see.

Ernie Betts

Excellent device!

I chose to buy two engine guards, one for metals and one for fluids. The size and readability is great and allowed me to put them in a convenient spot near the instrument cluster and must easier than making switches on a scangauge or pillar pod. The lcd panel isn’t overly bright, and I was able to dampen the alarm with some electrical tape to a preferred decibel with ease. The function is super simple and the realtime read makes it easy to start plotting drive conditions against temps and work out where alarm thresholds should be set.

Have only connected up the block temps so far but very impressed by ease of setup and versatility!

Dan Hooper

2019 Prado GXL

Easy fitment of temperature sensors on engine and auto transmission for peace of mind and early warning of any potential problems in normal usage and especially to monitor transmission while towing our caravan. Well worth the reasonable price for a quality Aussie made unit. Thanks Phil and the team at EngineGuard.
Cheers. Rick.

Rick Anderson

Keeping our Veterans safe. FaceBook: SV Mystic – Sailing for Veterans/EMS

G’day Phil, Happy to report that the two EG01’s I installed onboard Mystic have really given us peace of mind. Having done a few trips up & down the East Coast, I am not constantly looking over the stern to see if water is coming out of the exhaust or leaving the rear cockpit to go into the saloon to monitor engine gauges. This means I can interact with the Veterans we take to sea, many of them with PTSD. They don’t need to be put in a position where we are waiting on a rescue boat because we are becalmed and have a blown engine. Our Engine Guards monitor our Perkins 4-248 Cyl’ head temp, Wet exhaust temp’ at the raw water inlet side of the elbow and transmission temp'(BW Velvet Drive).

I also fitted an EG01 to my Toyota 2.8 Commuter, unfortunately I fitted it after I had been stranded on the side of the road with a blown cyl’ head and had carried out repair & fitted a new cyl’ head, not a cheap exercise. I recently sold my van & now have a 2004 Ford Courier 4wd ute, hence ordering another EG01 to fit up to it. Having owned an Automotive repair business and carried out many Marine mechanical repairs over the years, fitting an Engine Guard is a no brainer.

Thanks Phil for an exceptional, “must have” product!

Many Thanks,

Tex O’Grady
SV Mystic

Tex O'Grady
Tex & Bundy Charities inc'


I have 2 Ranger utes 2013 and 2017 prior to installing the engine guards I blew a coolant hose on the 2013 (recall hose) gauge doesn’t work when you lose coolant and seized the engine due to no tell tail signs (coolant was blown down low) $17,000 engine cost $3000 rental ute cost paid by ford. After this incident I fitted a unit to each ute. I work away and in November 2020 my wife rang and said the temp alarm was going off in her ute 2013, no coolant loss but was the viscous fan fault so I fitted a new fan assembly when I got home. 2 weeks ago I drove her ute and the alarm went off again set at 95 and then I saw the gauge hit hot 1 minute later. The new genuine ford viscous fan hub failed and could of cost us big time if I didn’t hear that alarm. I also caravan and tow big trailers so I use the unit display as my real temp but set your alarm low 95 – 100 it’s better to know early when it’s getting hot. 

I am a mechanic by trade and I 100% believe these are worth every cent.

Thats me when I was younger on the left fitting a little Deutz MWM

Darren Amos

Thrilled with the product. Great Value.

Just wanted to say how please I am with my engine guard.  Very easy to install and works straight away without having to set any parameters. I used it in preparation for my 3rd trip to the Big Red Bash (the world’s most remote music concert) help at the base of Big Red on the edge of the Simpson desert.  I didn’t want to leave anything to chance as so remote it could take days or weeks for repairs if something happened, not to mention additional costs. Obviously, I have taken other precautions for the trip such as a secondary fuel filter in case of picking up some bad fuel.  However, the Engine Guard gave me full confidence in the performance of my cooling system in my 2013 BT50 throughout the complete 5000km round trip.  It’s amazing to actually see in real-time how much the temperature fluctuates as you drive.

I like it so much I’m buying another as a gift for a friend who is having problems with the cooling system in his 1995 2.8 Nissan Patrol.  With the engine guard he will never have to guess the running temp of his motor again.

Warren Suley

Very Good Aussie product

Hello I wanted to leave a review about engine guard. since fitting this product to my 80 series Land Cruiser I have been driving with peace of mind, engine guard let’s me know what normal operating temperatures are for both my engine and transmission and makes me aware if anything is out of the ordinary. every vehicle should be fitted with an engine guard from the factory. I cannot recommend this product enough and I will be purchasing one for my parents for their trip around Australia. Thank you engine guard for an Australian made and awesome product.


Can’t Recommend Enough.

Originally I saw an ad on SBS i think, not sure? Anyway, I ended up buying a dual sensor model for my boat and it has helped me diagnose my overheating problem and now that that’s resolved I’m  delighted to have the extra protection that a display and alarm offers. I was so impressed with the one I bought for my boat that my most recent order (a single sensor model) is one I’ve ordered for my very non-technical brother for his much loved Toyota Prado.


Very good quality. A must have for every vehicle. Can’t beat price.

It’s an awesome little device. Not too hard to install and well worth the price for the peace of mind!

Cole E.

Excellent product, well worth the money

I bought 2 engine guards after one of my vehicles overheated on a recent trip. The 4wd needed towing and costly repairs were required to get it back on the road. I wish i had bought the engine guards before the trip… Well worth the money, easy to install and very helpful staff. I would recommend this product highly to anyone.

Grahame D

Good product

I have a 2006 Landcruiser and purchased the Engine Guard primarily to monitor the auto transmission temperatures accurately. The two sensors monitor the engine head temp and the auto temp. Easy to install. I was surprised how reactive the sensors are when they are just bolted on the outer housing. My normal auto temp is normally 65-70degrees but went up to 90 doing hard sand driving. Temperature is the no.1 killer of autos as it degrades the oil, stopping lubrication. Great product providing peace of mind for just over $100. You get to set when the alarm goes off. Also the staff there were very helpful. BTW the sensors can monitor anywhere.

Darwin NT

Engine Guard saved our ute and a massive bill – well worth it!

I just wanted to say their device just saved our ute again! The $150 for the device, has saved us a potential $8000 engine replacement. Bloody lucky when the alarm went off, we were 50 meters from the local mechanics, but they said that device saved us. So thanks!


Awesome price for piece of mind!

Saved my 75 series land cruiser on multiple occasions. Cannot recommend enough. Absolute must have!

George King

Engine guard duel sensor

Have bought 3 of these now and can not praise them enough
It has saved my v8 speed boat twice now
One time when it sucked up sea weed and stopped water flowing around engine it sounded and alerted me to an issue
Second time In same v8 boat the impeller failed stopping all water flow and the alarm sounded again saving my v8 for second time
So all in all the the small out lay has saved me $10,000 plus in engine rebuilds
If your thinking about getting one stop thinking and do your self a favour and just buy it before you wish you had

Shane. H

Brilliant 10/10

I recently purchased one of your Engine Guard devices and thought I should report on my thoughts re the product.

I have a 2010 Hyundai IX35 diesel and tow an Avan Aliner. After installation I travelled from Far North Queensland back to my home in South Australia.

Naturally I was interested in the performance of the unit and I am pleased to say it met all my expectations. It was interesting to observe the quick response to changing engine temperatures. In particular the variations (from 53 degrees to 72) dependant on the ambient temperature, air-con use and terrain. There was no indication of this variation on the vehicles temperature warning light system.

Comforting to know that an audible alarm would let me know quickly if there was a major cooling problem. Unfortunately I would most likely miss the warning light in the instrument panel!

Thanks again for a really good product (Australian made too).

Trevor Potter

Trevor Potter


Had a problem with fitting ,completely my fault.  Phill was great giving me steps to fix the problem ,now works greatest item i have put on for my BT50 for the Endeavour Rally
Thanks Garry


Brilliant product

After receiving the Engine Guard I said I would let you know how it performed during our annual three month trip to Central Aus. This year we planned to cross the Simpson Desert from west to east.

We approached the kick-off point at Mt Dare by passing through the Murray Sunset National Park in N.W. Victoria. There is some fairly hard going through the park including some sand which would be a good try-out. From Mt Dare we went to Dalhousie Springs where the desert proper begins.

There are some 1100 sand dunes across to Birdsville. They vary in height and degree of difficulty. They are all a test for the vehicle. Our vehicle is a Mitsubishi Triton with an Explorer Motorhome back. This is a full-fledged motorhome, toilet, shower, fridge, stove, dining table etc. All up the vehicle weights 3.4 tonne, a big load for a 2.5 litre diesel to drag over the dunes.

We found the Engine Guard to be surprisingly responsive, temp changes registered quickly. As soon as the load came on temp started up but dropped equally quickly when load came off. The standard temp gauge remained steady throughout a 20-25 degree range so it was the Engine Guard that did the work.

Two irrefutable conclusions:

  1. Standard gauge is rubbish, it’s only a feel good dial of no practical worth.
  2. Engine Guard worked well and gave us the info we needed, almost instantly, every vehicle should have one.

Just to try it out further we returned south via the Snowy Mountains. We crossed over at Hotham and a few days later recrossed at Thredbo. Both crossings were in heavy snow when chains were a requirement even for 4x4s. Over Thredbo only 4×4 permitted on road and only with chains. A party of three 4x4s denied entry because one vehicle did not have chains.

The Engine Guard worked just as well in the sub-zero conditions.

The only thing I would do different is to get a duel sensor model and monitor the auto trans temp.

Hope that’s not too much detail for you.

M.S - Tasmania

Great Aussie Product!

Recently I completed the installation of a GM Corvette LS3/480 HP V8 in my 2003 996 Porsche. Getting all the electrical to work has been my greatest challenge. One of those issues has been my water temperature gauge. It will work for 30 minutes, then it faults. No one seems to know why this happens… So I had to have a backup for my upcoming 4,000 mile car trip. I had the good fortune to find the “Engine Guard” digital temperature gauge while I was searching the internet. I purchased the two-sensor unit, one for water and the other for oil temp. Both sensors mounted easily with a hose clamp. What a small and mighty unit! I hid the head unit in my ashtray. It’s easy to read, has big numbers, and the alarm works as advertised. By monitoring the oil temp, I found that I had high oil temps in 90-degree (32degC) plus ambient. If I had not been monitoring the oil temp with the “Engine Guard” gauge, I could have gotten into some serious trouble and expensive repairs. Now I’ll add an oil cooler to hopefully remedy that problem during hard driving or high outside temperatures. Engine Guard is inexpensive, easy to install, and a precision instrument. I’m sure there are many other uses for this fine instrument.

M.L - Texas

Can’t fault it

I just wanted to say thank you for your engine guard product.

I just got back to Darwin from Cape York covering 9,000kms with the Engine Guard doing its job of monitoring my engine temp accurately. On the Frenchman track my Pajero got stuck and wet ignition system going through the Pascoe river crossing which drowned the old Paj. After some minor recovery work and some inox the old girl got going and never let me down. The drowning killed the stereo system but the Engine Guard kept working! the interior had water flowing in it – high enough to flow around the knees, however the Engine Guard kept working!


Troy D

Awesome Value for what it is.

Installed a dual sensor unit on my yacht in June 2018. One sensor on the engine block the other on the exhaust. The temperature changes are immediate and easily monitored to indicate any sudden change after running temperatures are reached. The alarms are set 5 degrees above maximum temps reached over time. This device takes the guess work out of critical engine temps resulting in less anxiety while motoring. I would recommend that every sailing vessel and motor launch should have one of these devices for peace of mind and trouble free motoring.



Just want to say how pleased I am with the unit. I am driving at present pulling a 3 tonne van with a 2001 3 litre Turbo diesel Patrol. From the unit I have learned the impact of using overdrive even on flat roads. At say 95 kph the transmission sensor gains 1 degree in 5 seconds if I engage o/drive. In 30 sec’s it’s 96 degrees. I now only use o/drive with a tail wind or on slight down slope. Engine rev’s are higher of course if I don’t engage o/drive but engine and trans stay below 90 degrees.



I just wanted to tell how good the engine guard is, I know you hear it frequently, But I am going to get more for my machines & I convinced my son’s to do the same. Thanks for producing an Australian designed and made product, it is a breath of fresh air to able to purchase our own Australian product.


Awesome Product

I recently purchased one of your Engine Guard devices and thought I should report on my thoughts re the product.

I have a 2010 Hyundai IX35 diesel and tow an Avan Aliner. After installation I travelled from Far North Queensland back to my home in South Australia.

Naturally I was interested in the performance of the unit and I am pleased to say it met all my expectations. It was interesting to observe the quick response to changing engine temperatures. In particular  the variations (from 53 degrees to 72) dependant on the ambient temperature, air-con use and terrain. There was no indication of this variation on the vehicles temperature warning light system.

Comforting to know that an audible alarm would let me know quickly if there was a major cooling problem. Unfortunately I would most likely miss the warning light in the instrument panel!

Thanks again for a really good product (Australian made too).

Trevor Potter

Bruce – Sunshine Coast, QLD

Thanks again for the unit I received Friday. I was going away the next day so wired it up temporarily as it arrived at 2.30 in the post. We set off at 7am and about 40 kilometers later the alarm went off with high water temp and as I pulled over it went into red on the dash. This managed to save my $4000 recon motor in my BMW. Many thanks for the quick delivery.

Sunshine Coast, QLD


I wanted to tell you that your invention has already saved me a lot of grief. My Land Rover was running at 102 to 110 which I didn’t know before I installed your electronic gauge. I discovered the fan clutch was broken.

The clutch itself was very stiff – hard to turn, as it should be but I discovered if I turned it 10- 15 times then suddenly it started free wheeling.

So you can understand that I always thought it was fine.

The temperature has now dropped 15- 20 degrees with a new clutch installed

Kenmore Hills, Qld

Engine Guard