ENGINE GUARD Dual Temperature Sensor Kit

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$129.00 inc. GST


  • 1 x Digital Display Unit
  • 2 x Bolt-on Temperature Sensors with 5m cable
  • Wiring loom, water resistant connectors
  • Owner’s Manual
  • The kit is supplied in a transparent retail package with hanger hole at the top, barcoded.

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Product Description

Dual Temperature Sensor System

This system gives you the ability to monitor 2 different locations at the same time. For example, you could monitor:

  • engine cylinder head & oil temperature. This is easy- just slide a large stainless hose clamp over the oil filter, slide the sensor under the edge and tighten! No need to tap into oil galleries, etc.
  • engine and auto transmission
  • both cylinder heads on a V8, flat 4 or 6.
  • coolant temperature in and out of radiator on modified vehicles to test if the radiator is satisfactory
  • dual engine set ups such as boats or planes (yes, we have systems being used on planes..)

The Display shows temperature on sensor 1 as the default, but the operator can change between 1 and 2 at any time. In addition, if either sensor reaches the alarm set point and the alarm is triggered, the Display shows WHICH sensor and also the actual reading at the time. In addition, on start-up the Display shows both set-points individually.

This model is excellent value- giving effectively twice the monitoring for not much more!

Includes 1 x Display Unit, 2 x Sensors, wiring loom, plugs and full installation instructions. The system is supplied in a transparent retail package with hanger hole at the top.

Additional information

Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 18.5 x 17 x 4.5 cm

1 review for ENGINE GUARD Dual Temperature Sensor Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    David NORMAN

    Installed a duel sensor unit on my yacht in June 2018. One sensor on the engine block the other on the exhaust. The temperature changes are immediate and easily monitored to indicate any sudden change after running temperatures are reached. The alarms are set 5 degrees above maximum temps reached over time. This device takes the guess work out of critical engine temps resulting in less anxiety while motoring. I would recommend that every sailing vessel and motor launch should have one of these devices for peace of mind and trouble free motoring.

    • Phil Welch

      Thanks David- awesome feedback and much appreciated!

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